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Introducing our Religious Exploration Classes for 2016-17  Time for All Ages
Nursery Care

The nursery is open for infants and children up to 4-years-old. In the nursery, our caretakers engage children with toys and books, and also promote free play with age-appropriate activities. For nursery care, we ask that you provide diapers/pull-ups, wipes, a drink, snack and change of clothes. Nursery care is provided by paid child staff under the direction of the director of Religious Exploration.

Religious Exploration Classes 2016-17

Our Religious Exploration Program is expanding, and some of our children are growing up! In recognition of this, we will be offering RE classes in three different age groups this year.

We believe in the value of meaningful discourse on topics of belief and religion. One of the most important ways to nurture this value is by encouraging students to explore and articulate their own personal theology. After spending the last two years studying the religious traditions within our community, our UU kids are well equipped to think deeply about difficult questions from a variety of perspectives and craft a philosophy that gives their own lives meaning.Kids on Stage    Chalice teens   FunnyFaceSm

For students 13 years or older, we will be offering the Coming of Age program to help them transition from childhood to youth. Students participating in this program will explore their UU identity through group retreats, mentorship, rites of passage, a service project, and will write their own credo, or personal theology, at the end of the year. This program invites the participants to look inward to explore their personal spirituality, to look past to our Unitarian Universalist Heritage, to look forward to envision the people they want to become and the world they want to co-create.

Students aged 9-12 are invited to participate in the exciting Tapestry of Faith curriculum “Sing to the Power. “ This song-based curriculum affirms our Unitarian Universalist heritage of confronting powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love. Participants experience their own power, and understand how it can help them to be leaders. Aiming to enrich the students sense of themselves as leaders, this curriculum explores different types of power that can be used to make positive change, builds community and promotes exercising ones power to create positive change, even if only on a small scale.

Children who are 4-8 years old will be offered the curriculum Signs of Our Faith: Being UU Every Day. Signs of Our Faith asks young people to see themselves as leaders of their faith. They build experience performing and at times, creating rituals to share in their families as well as the congregation, and are thereby positioned as co-creators of the faith.

This program encourages children to live their UU values everyday by helping them identify the commonalities among UU’s, such as valuing all life, being welcoming, sharing leadership, and celebrating our differences.

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Once every month, all ages will work together on Social Justice Sunday. Social Justice Sunday provides a hands-on environment to enact their UU values. At the beginning of the year they will democratically decide what their project will be, and then combine forces to raise funds and awareness for their cause. The program culminates in a Talent Show fundraiser in May.

Intergenerational Services  

Some Sundays throughout the year we will offer an intergenerational service which indicates that children will remain in the sanctuary for the entire service. There will be age-appropriate stories and plans for a more interactive service. The Nursery will remain open as usual for the entire service.

Social Justice Sundays

Social Justice Sundays will take place on one Sunday per month during the regular classroom time. These special Sundays offer participants the opportunity to thoughtfully choose different social justice activities in which to participate. At the end of the year, students will get to host and participate in a Talent Show to raise funds for their selected social justice cause.  

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